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The differences in the invasiveness of some alien plant species between continental and coastal part of Croatia

Nenad Novak, Maja Novak (professional work)


Croatia is a small but heterogeneous country with different pedo-climatic conditions in its parts. In the continental region, mountain region excluded, the climate is moderate continental and in the coastal region Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean. The aim of this study was to explore the presence, prevalence and level of aggressiveness of some invasive alien plants between continental and coastal part of Croatia. Amorpha fruticosa L., Reynoutria japonica Houtt. and Solidago gigantea Ait. are widespread and very aggressive in the continental and rarely present in coastal part of Croatia. Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle is present in each Croatian county but it shows greater aggressiveness in the coastal region, including islands and some protected areas.

Correspondent author:
Maja Novak, Croatian Centre for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs – Institute for Plant Protection, Gorice 68b, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia,