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Impact of abiotic stress on photosynthetic efficiency and leaf temperature in sunflower

Antonela Markulj Kulundžić, Josip Kovačević, Marija Viljevac Vuletić, Ana Josipović, Ivica Liović, Anto Mijić, Hrvoje Lepeduš, Maja Matoša Kočar (original scientific paper)


The aim of this research was to investigate the variability of photosynthetic performance index (PIABS) and leaf temperature values measured in V6 development phase on 13 sunflower hybrids, grown in stressful conditions. The pot trial was made up of two treatments, one (T1) with 60% Field Water Capacity (FWC), and the other one (T2) with 80% FWC. Significant differences between T1 and T2 treatments were established for both of these parameters which prove their dependence on the water content in the soil, while the influence of hybrid was evident only in the case of PIABS. Although in T1, as opposed to T2, all sunflower hybrids reacted by increasing leaf temperature, reaction to stress conditions measured with PIABS parameter was not uniform. Some of the hybrids reacted by decreasing PIABS values, while others reacted by increasing their PIABS values. Therefore, it can be concluded that changes in parameters were independent of each other, which was confirmed by correlation analysis. Investigated parameters are suitable for determining the existence of undesirable environmental conditions that cause stress in plants and can be used in breeding of sunflower to withstand abiotic stress conditions, i.e. in selection of stress tolerant hybrids.