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Cookie policy

This website and its online services may use the cookies to improve the services. A decision on allowing the usage of cookies on the website is entirely yours.
Cookies are the small‐sized files saved by your browser on the disk upon a visit to our website. It enables our website to recognize your computer when you visit us next time, facilitating the website to show the information adjusted to your needs. The cookies are not focused on spying a user, do not follow everything a user does, and are not a malicious code or virus. Additionally, the cookies are not related to the unsolicited messages or spam, cannot save a password, and are not exclusively intended for commercials or advertising. The information like your name or e‐mail address will not be saved—the websites cannot access your personal information and files on your computer.
The Poljoprivreda journal will use the collected information for the purpose of its website improvement only. The collected information may also be used for the services we render, as well as for a possible promotion of these webpages’ new possibilities and services. The collected information will not be deliberately shared with any third party.
The cookies settings may be controlled and customized by the settings of a web browser you use. If you block the cookies, you will still be able to browse this website, but some options may not be accessible to you.
If you disagree with the usage of cookies, you may easily delete (or prevent) them on your computer or mobile device.
As the purpose of cookies is an improvement and facilitation of usage of our webpages, please bear in mind that by preventing or deleting the cookies you might disable the functioning of some characteristics of the webpages or that you might cause their different operation and outlook.