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Colour and pH value of Istrian sheep lambs meat

Valentino Držaić, Ana Kaić, Ivan Širić, Zvonko Antunović, Boro Mioč (original scientific paper)


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of sex and slaughter weight of Istrian sheep lambs on pH value and meat colour. The study included 118 lambs of both sexes (64 male and 54 female) which were, prior slaughter, divided into two groups: light (17.76 kg; 28 male and 32 female) and heavy (20.17 kg; 3 male and 22 female). Carcass weight was determined immediately after carcass processing and after 24 hours, while the pH value and meat colour were determined 45 minutes and 24 hours after slaughter. Average hot and cold carcass weights in light lambs were 9.76 and 9.47 kg, and in heavy lambs 11.80 and 11.49 kg, with chilling loss of 2.96 and 2.60% respectively. Istrian sheep lambs carcasses are quite uniform in relation to sex in terms of all the investigated traits, except value of L* and a* colour parameters. For the production of larger lamb meat quantities it might be recommended to increase lambs slaughter weight since the higher slaughter weight has the positive effect on carcass weight and chilling loss while retaining the desirable values of meat quality parameters.

Correspondent author:
Valentino Držaić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia,